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AVG Provide:-

  • AVG Protection
  • AVG Internet Security
  • AVG Ultimate
  • AVG Antivirus Free
  • AVG TuneUp
  • AVG Driver Updater

AVG Protection

AVG provides excellent antivirus protection. In a protection  testing, AVG scored very well in antivirus protection, getting near perfect scores in detecting and removing both the latest viruses and older ones that have scattered on the Internet for a while.

AVG Protection

AVG is easy to update. AVG makes updating its security software as simple as it possibly can. If you have the full pay version of the AVG Protection suite, receiving daily software updates to handle the latest viruses is fully automatic. You can set the updates to run at a certain time of day or upon turning on the computer.

AVG Protection provides the security in many aspects. AVG Protection offers LinkScanner in its security software options, in which it double checks the validity of websites that you type in web addresses or click on links. If LinkScanner notices something wrong, it will not open the web page and it will give you a warning. If your belief the site anyway, you can load it.

AVG Protection continues to include a firewall, and you can set it up to give you alerts each time an attempt to access to your computer is detected, or you can have the firewall perform all decisions automatically.

AVG Protection performs very well in terms of protecting your files. The antivirus offers Data Safe, which is a file encryption product. If hackers get past your security measures or if someone finds your lost laptop, the files protected with Data Safe won’t be accessible to them. And if you need permanent deletion of old files, AVG has a file shredding feature that makes deleted files irretrievable by hackers.

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AVG Download

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